Every Day is Earth Day


Piernas asomando por encima de un campo de trigo© nanihta/Adobe Stock

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Since it’s been nearly a year since I started this blog (and a while since I dropped the ball on posts :/), I thought it was appropriate to create a post for Earth Day.

While 2019’s theme is protecting threatened species, I want to start focusing more on last year’s ongoing theme: End Plastic Pollution. This post is going a little off the rails to address the general use of plastic in our daily lives, but plastic does play a big part in fashion (more on that later!). Recently, National Geographic published a disturbing article on micro plastic pollution in the air. We are at a point where, even in remote regions, plastic pollution is unavoidable. Studies on aquatic life have shown plastic’s adverse effects on health, however, scientists are only beginning to study the effects of the plastic we are inhaling. Unfortunately, recycling and using biodegradable plastics doesn’t prevent the eventual breakdown of plastic into micro particles. So, the best way to avoid plastic pollution is by reducing plastic consumption.

A quick search will bring up a ton of blogs and social media accounts on going plastic-free. When you start to notice how much plastic we use everyday, cutting down can seem  pretty daunting. I’m definitely far from being plastic-free, but there are some small steps you can take–switching to reusable water bottles, shopping and produce bags are a good start. For today, I’m just going to leave links to a couple resources from the Earth Day Organization’s site:

Have any good tips on reducing plastic use or full-on going plastic-free? Leave them in the comments!