© Andrea Livingston

Exactly five years ago, over 1100 garment workers died and another 2500 were injured in the collapse of the Rana Plaza complex in Bangladesh, the deadliest garment industry accident in history. While some improvement in worker conditions resulted from this accident, the industry is still rife with dangerous and unethical treatment of it’s employees.

Creating my first post on this day is especially significant: The biggest reason I wanted to change my spending habits was to ensure the human impact of my purchases was fair to those who made my clothing. Coinciding with the anniversary of Rana Plaza disaster, Fashion Revolution, a multi-national organization dedicated to creating a safe, clean and fair fashion industry created Fashion Revolution Week, from April 23rd-29th. This week, to promote transparency in the fashion supply chain, Fashion Revolution encourages you to ask your favorite clothing brands #whomademyclothes? Go to the Fashion Revolution site to learn more about this campaign and download your own poster. @fash_rev


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